This folk dance ensemble has a history stretching back to 1978, and took the title “Grandinele” in 1992. This name means “chain”, which illustrates the group’s philosophy of never-ending youth: dancers join “Grandinele” as little kids; they grow up with traditional dances and music; then they help to teach the new kids that have joined. In this way, each generation continues the traditions of their fore-runners and also creates their own new ones. The Ensemble “Grandinele” represents the northern region of Lithuania and dances Lithuanian folk dances, roundelays, games and also the newest folk stage compositions. They have an impressive record of performing in many countries around the world.

The starting date of the group brings to 1978, to Panevėžys Culture and Sports Palace of the Builders. Since 2001, the group belongs to Panevėžys Culture Centre. The founder and artistic director of the group is Zita Rimkuvienė. She is also a distinguished Lithuanian culture expert and a choreographer. In 1992, the group became the Children and Youth Dance Group “Grandinėlė”. Ensemble “Grandinele” have life folk Instrument musician group and vocal group.

The Group “Grandinėlė” is proud to have a possibility to attend 22 Song and Dance Festivals, including -12 National, World Lithuanians, Pupils’ Song Festivals: 1985,1987,1900,1994,1998,2003,

2005,2009,2012, 2014, 2016,2018 (Vilnius),1990- Song and Dance Festival in Tallinn (Estonia),2002 – Little Dance Festival in Marijampolė, 2007- Lithuanian Song Festival in Kaunas and 7 World Lithuanian Dance Festivals abroad:1996, 2004-Lithuanian Emigrants Dance Festivals in Chicago (USA), 2000 – Toronto (Canada),2008 – Los Angeles (California, USA),2009 – the II South American Dance Festival in Berisso (Buenos Aires, Argentina),2012- Boston (USA), in 2016 in Baltimore (USA).

The Group “Grandinėlė” has represented Lithuania at 110 international dance festivals. The most memorable are as follows: in 1992 – France, in 1993 – the Netherlands, in 1994 – Poland, in 1995 – England, in 1996 – Italy, in 1997 – France and Turkey, in 1998 – Mexico, Spain, Canada, in 1999 – Czech Republic, Belgium, Italy, in 2000 – Austria, Canada (Quebec Province), Canary Islands, in 2001 – Greece, Germany, in 2002 – Belgium, Morocco, in 2003 – Portugal, in 2004 – Denmark, in 2005 – North Wales, Ukraine, in 2006 – Poland, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Finland, in 2007 – Turkey, Ukraine, in 2008 – Northern Cyprus, Poland, in 2009 – Argentina, Estonia, Portugal, Northern Cyprus, in 2010 – Bulgaria and Finland, in 2011-Turkey and the Sardinian Island (Italy), in 2012-Belgium, Finland, France, Sardinian Islands (Italy), in 2013-Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, in 2014-Latvia, Poland, France Spain, in 2015-Greece, Poland, Japan, in 2016-Argentina, Slovakia, in 2017-Latvia, Poland, Italy, in 2018- Estonia, Poland, France, in 2019- Azores Island  ( St. Miguel,Portugal), Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, in 2020 –Latvia, Sweden, in 2021- Latvia, Poland, in 2022- Poland, Azores Island (Terceira,Portugal).

For active participation in concert activities, the Dance Group “Grandinėlė” has been awarded the nomination “Golden Bird” by the Lithuanian National Culture Center and the Song Festival in 2003, the diplomas of the Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science and the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture. The Group “Grandinėlė” was the winner of the 1st place at the Children and Pupils’ Dance Groups competition “Aguonėlė” in 1996, 2008, 2012. In 2006, the group became the winner of the 3rd place in the International Dance Festival – Contest in Llangollen (North Wales), in 2006 – the winner of the IInd place at the National Competition “Klumpakojis”(Klaipėda, Lithuania), in 2008 – the winner of the Ist place at the International Dance Festival and the Presentation of National Costumes (national costumes of Aukštaitija Ethnographic Region) in Northern Cyprus, in 2011 – the Diploma Winner at the International Dance Festival in Bursa (Turkey), in 2014– the prize-winner of the International Dance Festival-Competition in Cantonigros (Spain), in 2019 – the winner of the IIIrd place at International Dance Festival-Competition in Zielono Gora (Poland), in 2019- the winner of the IInd place at the National Children and Pupils’ Folk Dance Groups Competition „Aguonėlė“, in 2022- the winner of the Ist place at International Dance Festival –Competition “Baltic Amber Seinai Spring 2022“ ( Poland).All of the members are united by their love for Lithuanian dance and fostering of folk traditions…

Dance is the glow of the soul. It is a kind of art that does not pay much attention to the differences in language, culture and age … folk dances are our heritage and let it go from generation to generation, as if an unbroken chain connecting everyone – here in Lithuania and abroad All of the members are united by their love for Lithuanian dance and fostering of folk traditions…